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Rock the Caskbah
"Putting the personality back into public houses” .........
Rock, Soc(ial) & Barrel

This music micropub concept is the brainchild of two friends, who met by chance in a Nottingham bar many years ago, unknowingly, with the same dream.
A couple of likely lads, who bonded instantly, sharing the same passion for success, music and socialising, without the need to be the richest, just hungry for being the best and offering the best to those who want it.  

Having traded independently in their own ventures and together harmoniously for  a particular giant licensed corporate business, Paul Topley and Craig Sharp-Weir, both with proven track records and very adept in the licensing and retail sector, share a common interest in hospitality and great customer service, and plan on creating a unique micropub, with a mini beer festival style operation and  rock 'n' roll vibe. The fusion of a relaxed, welcoming bar atmosphere, classic music and live acoustic performance all under one roof. Think of the 'Caskbah' as a safe place you'll never want to leave, somewhere to hear great music, socialise, and drink premium beverages directly from a tapped cask vessel.......


Rock, Soc & Barrel!


Richard 'Apollo' Creek

07547 322487

Craig ‘Strummer’ S#arp-Weir


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